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  • 405ea167-3381-4fb6-80c3-c366b24559df.jpg €5,000 p/day Rent
  • 731899ac-12eb-45c1-8995-2eac711f01eb.jpg €5,000 p/day Rent
  • 7b96c571-031b-4a96-8ac3-361025e5bfd3.jpg €5,000 p/day Rent
  • 8db6c0ed-fb2f-4e5f-a66d-ff4ed99ba446.jpg €5,000 p/day Rent
  • 4cf8d1bc-da21-423e-8f3c-f35a3a506289.jpg €5,000 p/day Rent
  • 9970e576-a7fd-4d1f-9a03-adc214023124.jpg €5,000 p/day Rent
  • 31f0a154-4f65-444d-bb9e-7c0b3cba47ad.jpg €5,000 p/day Rent
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  • Reference: LOFF58545
  • Type: Offices
  • Furnished Type: Modern Furnished
  • Form: Ordinary Finished
  • Outside Area: 50.00m2
  • Total Area: 300.00m2

Offices in St. Julians

Office space in the sought after location of St. Julians close to restaurants, cafes and hotels with convenient nearby parking with views of Spinola Palace and the park.
This property is split on four floors with lots of natural light throughout comprising of two terraces a large boardroom , 2 bathrooms and a kitchenette.

Contact Iklin Head Office on 22584000 for more details on this property

More Information

  • Air Conditioned:
  • Outdoor Area:
  • Terrace:
  • Unisex Toilets:
  • Utility Room:
  • Fully Furnished:
  • Lift:
  • Pet Friendly:

- Not Available

- Available

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